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Makro•Grip® Raw Part Clamping and Stamping Technology by LANG Technik

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Makro•Grip® - the benchmark in 5-axis machining

Raw Part Clamping

The Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vise is the perfect workholding device for 5-sided machining of blanks. Due to its very compact design and low interference contours, it offers best accessibility to the workpiece. The form-fit effect ensures highest holding forces even with low clamping pressure and guarantees maximum process reliability.

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Stamping Technology

The Stamping Technology is considered today’s benchmark in workholding due to its profitable influences on the clamping process in the 5-sided machining of blanks. During the pre-stamping process, which takes only 5 seconds, the raw material is provided with a defined contour and then held by a form-fit effect in the serrated clamping jaws of the 5-Axis Vise.

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Makro•Grip® Raw Part Clamping

Makro•Grip® Raw Part Clamping

Compact and unmatched holding power for the 5-sided machining of blanks and unfinished parts

External pre-stamping makes it possible to hold a workpiece in the Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vise with low clamping pressure in a process-safe manner. Deformation and distortion of the material during clamping and release are thus excluded and wear on the clamping device is reduced to a minimum.

Its compact design and high holding forces due to the form-fit clamping make the 5-Axis Vise the ideal workholding device in the 5-sided machining of raw parts.

Makro•Grip® Technology

Holding forces
Process reliability

Benefits of the Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vise

Ideal accessibility in 5-sided machining

Highest holding forces at low clamping pressure

Distortion-free and wear-free clamping

High material savings due to minimal clamping edge requirements

Process reliability and consistent clamping quality

Ergonomic handling thanks to low weight vises

Raw part machining with the Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vise

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Small to big – All Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vises

One base, many clamping jaw option

A fitting solution for any challenging clamping task - with only one vise base! All LANG vises use the same base in different lengths and widths. This guarantees that all jaw types are interchangeable and compatible to each other.

One base, many clamping jaw option

Optimized use of space in automated manufacturing

Pre-stamping and the Makro•Grip® technology allow the 5-Axis Vise to clamp workpieces which substantially exceed its volume. The compact design is in particular beneficial in automated manufacturing, as a huge amount of vises can be stored on a small footprint resulting in a more efficient use of space on the automation trolley and inside the machine. Another huge advantage is that the Makro•Grip® is directly handled by the robot without the requirement of a bulky and expensive pallet, meaning that less weight has to be handled by the robot. Since there are no additional interfaces to the zero-point clamping system and the Makro•Grip® jaws are milled from solid, the 5-Axis Vise offers enormous stability advantages and at the same time ensures an easy and convenient handling thanks to its low weight.

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Product overview
Makro•Grip® Stamping Technology

Makro•Grip® Stamping Technology

„The Original“ –
the Stamping Technology by LANG Technik

Stamping Technology

The Stamping Technology was invented by LANG nearly 20 years ago and can be regarded as the heart of the Makro•Grip® workholding. It guarantees highest holding forces and ideal accessibility in 5-axis machining of blanks. The pre-stamping of workpiece blanks favours a variety of factors that have a positive effect on process reliability and cost-efficient production, which is why the Makro•Grip® technology is considered the benchmark in today's workholding. During the pre-stamping process workpieces are prepared with a defined contour at an external stamping unit under high pressure, which generates a form-fit between serrated jaws of the Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vise and the stamping contour when clamping the workpiece. As pre-stamping is conducted externally, no additional machine capacities have to be spent in order to prepare the workpiece. The process only takes about 5 seconds - but these 5 seconds will forever change your manufacturing processes and the way you clamp your workpieces.

Why pre-stamping a workpiece blank?

Conventional vises penetrate the workpiece blank with high forces exposing both, the vise and the workpiece to high strains. The Makro•Grip® technology however uses a different approach. By pre-stamping the workpiece blank with up to 20 tons of pressure and preparing it with a defined contour, the forces are already applied before the actual clamping process. Once it is prepared with the contour (pyramid-shaped truncated indents), the Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vise can hold the workpiece by form-fit, absolutely gently and securely with low clamping pressure - always with the same clamping jaws, regardless of the material and the hardness. Due to the low clamping pressure, distortion on the workpiece as well as wear on the vise can virtually be ruled out. Even with high-tensile material an always consistent clamping quality is guaranteed, which is crucial to achieving the desired quality of the machined workpiece.

5 seconds that revolutionize your machining processes!

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Benefits of the Makro•Grip® Stamping Technology

Highest holding forces due to form-fit clamping

Maximum process reliability

Increased milling quality

Minimum wear on the clamping device

Effortless pre-stamping of high-tensile material

High repeatability thanks to defined stamping contour

Makro•4Grip – Stamping Technology for round parts

By retrofitting the Makro•Grip® stamping unit and a LANG centering vise the form-fit clamping technology can be applied for round parts easily and cost efficiently. Makro•4Grip clamping jaws are compatible fit every vise size and cover clamping ranges of Ø 36 – 300 mm.

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Pre-Stamping in new dimensions!

Matching stamping units are also available for clamping applications of flat and large components with Makro•Grip® Ultra.

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Success Stories

Start your own success story with Makro•Grip®. This is what our customers say:

Through initial recommendations from the formula 1 industry, we equipped our first 5 axis machine with LANG's Makro•Grip® and their associated zero-point system. Needless to say, we've never looked back. The Makro•Grip® vises offers great work access around the material stock. The high clamping force in combination with indentations by the serrated jaws has never failed to hold our parts firmly. The repeatability of the self-centering vises in combination with the zero-point system ensures we can offer consistent quality components to our customers.

Fredrik Larsson, Aximech AB, Arlöv Sweden

I switched over to LANG Technik workholding products one year ago. I was immediately impressed by the quality and precision of LANG products. My favorite feature by far is the Makro•Grip® system. I’ve noticed a tremendous increase in part stability due to the minimal clamping pressure required to accurately retain parts. Eliminating the need for stock preparation or dovetailing in a CNC machine has been a gamechanger as well. Efficiency has increased considerably. I look forward to growing my collection of LANG workholding products!

Eddie Casanueva, Nueva Precision, Milliken USA

We have used LANG Makro•Grip® vises for many years now and they have provided us extra efficiency and safety in workholding. It is good to see LANG Technik constantly developing new product and improving existing ones. It assures us that we have chosen right partner for our workholding solution.

Kristjan Joost, Afterone ÖU, Tartu Estland

We are absolutely convinced by LANG’s stamping technology and the Makro•Grip® vises. To us the pre-stamping process of raw material has several advantages compared to simply clamping with conventional gripping jaws. As an example: Through an adjustment of the stamping pressure, the stamping contour pattern can be realised across the entire jaw width, even when the raw material is not a 100% parallel. This ensures an absolutely safe clamping process with the 5-axis vise, even with strong machining forces and parts with a huge overhang. Furthermore, we do not need an end stop, as the stamping contour determines the position in the vise. This guarantees us optimal accessibility from all sides.

Sebastian Thoma, Thoma-Tec, 84155 Bodenkirchen

Various Makro•Grip® clamping applications

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