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Clean•Tec Chip Fan from LANG Technik

simple. automatic. cleaning.

Clean•Tec Chip Fan – “The Original”

The automatic cleaning of workpieces and fixtures after the machining process

The Clean•Tec, “The Original” Chip Fan cleans the machine interior after machining processes, removing chips and coolant without the operator having to open the machine tool door. As a final step in the machining process, the Chip Fan is called up via the machine program and selected from the tool magazine.

Its blades are opened and closed by controlling the speed of the machine tool spindle. Especially in automated manufacturing the Clean•Tec is a must-have. Prior to the automatic unloading, the Chip Fan cleans all relevant interfaces between workholding fixtures and thus ensures a clean and reliable process.

Clean•Tec Technology

Energy savings
Unmanned cleaning

Small thing, great effect

With its simple but very efficient mode of operation,
the Clean•Tec Chip Fan has been convincing customers since 1999.

Calling up

The Chip Fan is stored in the tool magazine just like any other tool and is called up by the machine program. Due to its slim design and the folded blades, it takes up little space, which means that neighboring tool pockets can be equipped with other tools and don't have to be left empty.


The design of the Chip Fan allows you to rinse workpieces and fixtures using coolant - with the machine spindle turned off and the Clean•Tec blades folded. This enhances the cleaning effect and makes perfect sense if pockets and bores are commonly packed with swarf.


The blades of the Chip Fan open and close by regulating the speed of the machine spindle.Depending on the Chip Fan size, the speed range is between a minimum of 3,000 rpm and a maximum of 12,000 rpm. Return springs which connect the blades with the base body ensure that the blades fold and move into home position when the speed is reduced.


It is recommended to accelerate the speed rate incrementally. First to 2,000 rpm and from there to the desired or maximum allowed speed rate. The Chip Fan works efficiently at 4,000 rpm already.


To get the best results when using the Clean•Tec, move the rotating Chip Fan with a clearance of 100 - 150 mm above the workpiece and apply a feed rate of 3 - 10 m/min.

Unmanned Cleaning

For smooth processes in automated, unmanned manufacturing, Clean•Tec is a must-have! It is the ideal tool for cleaning workpieces, fixtures and the machine table prior to an automatic unloading.

Benefits of the Clean•Tec Chip Fan

Clean machining environment thanks to in-process cleaning

Energy savings and no need for expensive compressed air

Ideal for unmanned, automated manufacturing

Flexible application possibilities due to different sizes

Suitable for every standard tool holder

Space savings in the tool magazine thanks to the slim design

Covinced by the benefits of the Clean•Tec Chip Fan?
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Product overview

The “Originals”

The right size for every application

Success Stories

Start your own success story with Clean•Tec. This is what our customers have to say:

In combination with the RoboTrex Automation, the Clean•Tec is absolutely indispensable. Although our machine does not have the space for a medium, or large Clean•Tec, still even the small Clean•Tec with a diameter of 160 mm ensures us a fast and reliable cleaning of the machine interior after machining. Thanks to this small but important tool, we have no more large output from the machine and thus a higher level of cleanness inside and outside the machine. Of course, this also saves us time, as no employee must manually open and blow out the machine. An immensely important tool for us by now!

Sebastian Fetzer, Metallbau Fetzer GbR, 72584 Hülben, Germany

I can't believe we have gone so long without a Clean•Tec chip fan! This was a big game-changer for us. The fan blows off coolant and chips with ease. It is a must-have for large workpieces especially if it has deep pockets or geometry. Within seconds your work area is cleared of chips and coolant, eliminating the chances of you getting drenched in coolant or chips flying into your hand and face using compressed air. Using the Clean-Tec fan has been the most efficient way for a clean workspace in our machines. Awesome product.

Edgar Zamora, SouthWest Composites Works , Albuquerque New Mexico

Being a small operation we are always looking to invest in areas that make processes as efficient as possible. The Clean•Tec fans were originally purchased as a means of cleaning down parts & pallets at the end of cycles but we soon realized we were able to increase process reliability and perform cleaning cycles to remove swarf from roughing operations. This improved tool life drastically and we have never looked back - we use 160 mm & 260 mm diameters fans in our machines and they never leave the tool carousel.

Ed Ratcliffe, Ratworks Engineering, UK

I was truely astonished at how powerful the Lang chip fan is, we have the 260mm fan and use it in our machining centres to clear swarf and coolant from parts and jig plates at the end of operations. This has cut our change over times in half on some jobs as it’s removed the need to do it by hand with an air gun.. it really was a great investment

Jack Morris, Myriad Engineering Ltd.

Clean•Tec in use

Making childrens lives better with Clean•Tec

For years, LANG Technik has been supporting the BILD hilft e.V. "Ein Herz für Kinder" foundation. With every Chip Fan sold, 2 € are donated to "Ein Herz für Kinder".


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