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HAUBEX – The automatic vise change from the tool magazine

simple. automatic. change.

The world’s most simple automation solution


What is HAUBEX?

HAUBEX is a flexible and cost-effective automation solution for small batches from batch size 2 that transforms the tool magazine into an automation system. The heart of HAUBEX is a workholding hood, which serves as a carrier system for the clamping device and the workpiece blank and is stored in the tool magazine.

What is HAUBEX used for?

HAUBEX makes it easy to increase efficiency in your manufacturing by productively filling breaks, creating additional time windows for alternative, value-adding activities or extending working hours by allowing the machine tool to continue unmanned production after the end of work.

HAUBEX – The automatic vise change from the tool magazine

In joint cooperation, Erst Maschinenbau and LANG Technik present a patented system with which every machine tool can manufacture automatically without an additional feeding unit or robot - innovative. patented. unique.

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HAUBEX Technology


Benefits of HAUBEX

Can be used in almost any machine tool

Flexible use throughout the entire production

Cost-efficient automation solution for beginners

No knowledge about automation and robotic systems needed

Can be ideally integrated into existing production environment

No time-consuming installation or machine downtimes

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How to use HAUBEX

In just a few steps you can turn
your tool magazine into an automation system

Workpiece clamping

Workpiece blanks with dimensions of approx. 80 x 75 x 70 mm can be clamped in the HAUBEX Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vise by form-fit. With a maximum tightening torque of 60 Nm, the 5-Axis Vise achieves holding forces of up to 14,000 N. Thanks to the defined form-fit between the pre-stamped workpiece and the jaw serration, the Makro•Grip® technology guarantees absolute process reliability and repeatability.

Equipping the workholding hood

The workholding hood can be equipped in several ways. If the workholding hood is placed in a tool setting device, the 5-Axis Vise with the workpiece blank can be inserted overhead. Alternatively, the workholding hood can be slipped over the 5-Axis Vise at a set-up station, in each case by a 45° snap-in function.

Measuring and program sequence

Measuring the z-height on the tool setting device and entering it in the program. Exemplary NC programs for setting up the automatic vise exchange can be downloaded from our website.

Vise storage

The workholding hood equipped with the clamping device and workpiece blank is placed in the tool magazine like a common tool by the operator. Alternatively, the vise and workpiece blank can be placed into the zero-point clamping system and picked up by the workholding hood already inserted in the tool magazine.

Clamping mechanism

The workholding hood places the 5-Axis Vise into the zero-point clamping system and locks it by a 90° closing movement. Alternatively, the zero-point device can be actuated with a clamping lever during manual operation without HAUBEX.


After the machining process and prior to the automatic removal through the workholding hood, we recommend cleaning the machine interior and all relevant interfaces with the Clean•Tec chip fan.

Workpiece size generator

Does my workpiece blank meet the requirements for automatic manufacturing with HAUBEX? Find out now with the HAUBEX Workpiece Size Generator!

Workpiece Dimensions

Mouseover over the display on the right indicates the respective workpiece edge.



Tool Holder


The workpiece dimensions you have entered allow automated manufacturing with HAUBEX. (Attention: In addition, please check the allowable load of your tool magazine).

Unfortunately, automated manufacturing with HAUBEX is not possible with the workpiece dimensions you have entered.


not possible

Unfortunately, the combination of values you entered from L x W x H is not possible. Please try again with other values. For further information on calculating the maximum allowable workpiece size, please click here. If you have any questions in this regard, please do not hesitate to call LANG Technik or the sales partner responsible for you.


Workpiece Dimensions
{{ length }} x {{ width }} x {{ height }} mm
Tool Holder
Workpiece Weight
{{ workpiece_weight }} kg
Total Weight*
{{ total_weight }} kg

*Weight of tool holder, workholding hood, workpiece and 5-Axis Vise.
Please check that the calculated total weight does not exceed the allowable load of your tool magazine.

Your workpiece can be clamped in the 5-Axis Vise as follows
(support surface marked in red):

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Product overview

Serving something special

All components of HAUBEX at a glance

The automation solution for everyone

  • Automated manufacturing without pallet changer or robot
  • Maximum flexibility in production planning
  • Increase the added value of any machine tool

HAUBEX provides all machining companies with a simple, flexible and inexpensive entry into the world of automation.



Start your own success story with HAUBEX. This is what our customers say:

Thanks to our many years of consistently positive experience with LANG workholding systems, we considered HAUBEX to give us more flexibility in production. With HAUBEX, we wanted to open up the possibility of producing small series unmanned and automating regularly recurring work. We currently produce up to 6 hours on our 5-axis machine during the day, while the machine operator can take care of other tasks during this time. After work, the machine runs for another 6 hours. We also use HAUBEX on a lesser-used 3-axis machine, enabling us to prefabricate regularly required parts with consistently high quality and much lower personnel and machine costs. It has turned out that HAUBEX harmonizes very well with all our control systems.

Marco Hoßfeld, Sensus GmbH, 67063 Ludwigshafen am Rhein

HAUBEX in use

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