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Makro•Grip® 77, HAUBEX 5-Axis Vise jaw width 46 mm, clamping range 0 - 80 mm Item No. 61085-46

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LANG Technik GmbH
Albstraße 1-6
73271 Holzmaden, Germany

Key data at a glance

HAUBEX uses a modified version of the Makro•Grip® as the workholding device. The slim design of the 5-Axis Vice and the narrow jaw width of 46 mm ensure ideal accessibility in 5-sided machining of blanks. The maximum workpiece size of approx. 80 × 75 × 70 mm is given by the height and diameter of the workholding hood. Examples of possible dimensions and a formula for their calculation can be found on the data sheet in the downloads.

Clamping range
0 - 80 mm (0" - 3.15")
Max. workpiece dimensions
80 x 75 x 70 mm (3.15" x 2.95" x 2.76")
⌀ 120 x 65 mm (4.72" x 2.56")
Clamping method
formschlüssig / kraftschlüssig
Workpiece shape
Packaging Unit
1 Set
2.6 kg (5.73 lbs)

More features:


60 Nm

Maximum allowed torque

Clamping stud size

16 mm (0.63")

Diameter of clamping studs

Clamping force

14.000 N

Clamping force at maximum torque

Centering accuracy

±0,02 mm

Centering tolerance of vises



Automation interface included

Grid system

52 mm (2.05")

Zero-point pitch

Single components features:

Clamping Studs

16 mm (0.63")
For grid size
Threaded pin

Spare Jaws

Jaw width: 46 mm (1.81")

Set Spindle + Center Piece

Spindle length
100 mm (3.94")
Thread pitch
M16 x 1.5
Scope of delivery:

Benefits Makro•Grip® HAUBEX 5-Axis Vise

  • Holding forces Highest holding forces at low tightening torque thanks to clamping by form-fit.
  • Accessibility Jaw width 46 mm in slim design for best accessibility in 5-sided machining.
  • Clamping quality High-quality and durable Makro•Grip® technology ensuring wear- and distortion-free clamping processes.

HAUBEX Automation System

HAUBEX can be used on practically any machine tool and flexibly throughout the entire production process. With the tool magazine as the storage medium, in which the workholding hood is stored together with the self-centering vise and workpiece blank and is automatically exchanged into the machine, HAUBEX manages completely without additional handling and storage systems.

  • Application possibilities Can be retrofitted to almost any type of machine tool and can be ideally integrated into the production environment thanks to the elimination of additional automation elements.
  • Flexibility Like any common tool, not bound to a specific machine tool and thus can be used practically throughout the entire production process.
  • Cost-efficiency Significant increase in added value of in-house production even with small quantities and low investments.

Learn all about the benefits and functionality of the HAUBEX Automation System.

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Application videos


CAD models
Data sheet
Workpiece Dimensions
Instruction manual

HAUBEX Automation System

Discover now:

HAUBEX enables the automatic exchange of the workholding device from the tool magazine with a hood as a carrier system for the vise and workpiece blank.

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Haubex Automationssystem

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