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Quick•Point® Rail quick clamping system from LANG Technik

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Quick•Point® Rail quick clamping system

Maximum freedom, minimum costs – Setting up your workholding in no time!

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The Quick•Point® Rail System impresses with its enormously diverse range of applications and outstanding cost efficiency. Especially when used on pallet automation systems, large 3-axis tables and clamping bridges, it ensures drastic savings as it does not require a zero-point base plate. Set-up speed and flexibility are once again key with Quick•Point® Rail! The seamless alignment of the clamping rails enables variable positioning of the zero-point units in 4 mm increments - extremely fast and highly repeatable.

High time savings during set-up - the system is installed within 2 minutes

High savings potential thanks to the elimination of base plates, especially for large quantities

No additional costs and time required to prepare the machine table

More freedom in the use of vises and zero point risers thanks to flexible positioning

A new clamping concept -
tailored to your needs

So fast. So good.

The following video provides the proof! Setting up milling machines has never been so quick. The quick clamping system can be attached to machine tables or automation pallets and is ready for use in just a few simple steps. But this is not the only convincing argument for Quick•Point® Rail, as Giuseppe Semeraro (Sales Manager Germany) explains in the video blog "Simply explained".

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Machine set up in under 2 minutes

This video is hosted on YouTube. To watch the video please accept the media cookies in the privacy settings.

Quick•Point® Rail simply explained

What is Quick•Point® Rail?

Quick•Point® Rail is a quick clamping system that is used in milling operations. It is based on clamping bars that are attached directly to machine tables and automation pallets without the use of base plates. The clamping bars are used to hold vises and zero-point risers. The clamping bars are not a zero-point clamping system in the true sense of the word, but they do use elements of a zero-point clamping system. By attaching the zero point risers, Quick•Point® Rail becomes a movable zero point clamping system.

Who is Quick•Point® Rail intended for?

The quick-clamping system is suitable for all companies in the milling industry that are looking for a cost-effective and quick way to attach vises and zero-point units to machine tables and automation pallets.

What was Quick•Point® Rail developed for?

A high percentage of risers are used in machining in order to achieve sufficient distance between the machine table and the workpiece and thus improve accessibility to it. For this purpose, an additional zero-point clamping system is usually mounted on the machine table or the automation pallet. In practice, applications are often limited to the use of a single clamping device in the center or multiple clamping in one axis. This means that the zero point clamping system is not used to its full extent. For this purpose, the quick clamping system offers a customized and cost-efficient solution, but with a plus in flexibility compared to permanently/fixed systems.

The quick clamping system in detail

Set-up speed
Cost efficiency

Right on track with an all-new clamping concept.
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Product overview

Functionial principle
of the quick clamping system

Discover the revolutionary Quick•Point® Rail quick clamping system - the perfect solution for precise and efficient clamping in milling! With its impressively simple expandability, it enables flexible adaptation to any machine table and automation pallet. The high-precision positioning of the clamping devices guarantees ideal results for every application.

Extension of the quick clamping system

Depending on the size of the machine table or the automation pallet, it is possible to connect several bars together. Starting from a central clamping bar, extension bars can be added to the left and right of it. The 4 mm pitch of the serration on the clamping bars remains consistent even across several connected bars. Connectors are required to fit the clamping and connecting bars; these are inserted and secured in the grooves provided on the bottom side. Assembly is therefore done outside the machine, which makes subsequent expansion possible at any time.

Mounting on grooved tables

Clamping and extension bars are positioned in the grooves of a machine table using sliding blocks and fastened with cylinder head screws and T-slots. A clamping bar is mounted and ready for use in less than two minutes.

Mouting on automation pallets

Clamping bars are attached to automation pallets by screwing them directly into their threaded holes. Clamping bars with an overall length of 316 mm were specially developed for use on automation pallets with the standard dimension of 320 mm and are flush with the outer edges of these.

Positioning the clamping devices

The connection between the clamping device and the clamping bar is a fit. A horizontal clamping screw in the clamping device is used to fix it to the clamping bar using a pull-down effect with a repeat accuracy of < 0.005 mm. The clamping bar has a serration on one side, in which the clamping device can be fixed at 4 mm intervals.

Variable distance depending on part length

The ability to flexibly adjust the distance between two clamping fixtures is extremely advantageous, especially when component widths vary frequently. Clamping devices can be moved effortlessly along the serrated clamping and extension bars at 4 mm intervals. This ensures ideal positioning at all times.

Quick•Point® Rail applications

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Convinced by the quick clamping system? Then don't waste any (set-up) time!

Product overview

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