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Quick•Point® Rail 52/96, 5-Axis Combi Riser 192 x 156 mm, Height 100 mm Item No. 73487

Height 100 mm
Height 60 mm Height 100 mm

Address & Contact

LANG Technik GmbH
Albstraße 1-6
73271 Holzmaden, Germany

Key data at a glance

The 5-axis combi riser from Quick•Point® Rail can be mounted on the clamping bars of the quick clamping system with absolute flexibility and positioning accuracy. Thanks to the dovetail guide and the pull-down principle, the interface between the clamping bar and the riser is extremely stable and resilient - a guarantee for reliable and consistent milling quality. With the two zero point grids - 52 and 96 mm - all vise versions from LANG can be clamped without any problems. The overall height of 100 mm makes this riser ideal for 5-axis machining, where good accessibility is required.

192 x 156 x 100 mm (7.56" x 6.14" x 3.94")
Packaging Unit
1 Piece
18.6 kg (41.01 lbs)

More features:

Vise size

77 mm / 125 mm / 46 mm
(3.03" / 4.92" / 1.81")

Width of compatible vise

Grid system

52 / 96

Zero-point pitch

Clamping stud size

16 mm / 20 mm
(0.63" / 0.79")

Diameter of suitable clamping studs

Lower interface


Zero-point pitch

The Quick•Point® Rail 5-axis riser can optionally be equipped with four Ø 20 mm clamping studs on the bottom side in order to be clamped in Quick•Point® 96 zero point plates.

Quick•Point® Rail system

The Quick•Point® Rail system impresses with its enormously diverse range of applications combined with outstanding cost efficiency. Especially when used on pallet automation systems, large 3-axis tables and clamping bridges, it ensures drastic savings, as it does not require a zero point base plate at all. Set-up speed and flexibility are once again key with Quick•Point® Rail! The seamless lining up of the clamping bars enables variable positioning of the zero point units in 4 mm increments – extremely fast and with high repeatability.

  • Extremely variable clamping possibilities thanks to flexible arrangement of the zero point risers or vises on the clamping bar
  • Start directly, without preparation as machine tables / pallets do not have to be modified / drilled
  • Outstanding cost efficiency since no base plates are required

Learn more about all the benefits and application possibilities of our Quick•Point® Rail.

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Quick•Point® Rail quick clamping system

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Maximum efficiency with minimum use of resources - the revolutionary quick-clamping system for all machine tables and automation pallets in CNC machining.

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