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Because your machine tool deserves the best.

You know it yourself: Designing solid workholding is anything but easy. To ensure that your workpieces - from the blank to the finished product - are secure throughout the entire process, we at LANG have put our vast know-how into workholding that leaves nothing to be desired. Convince yourself of clamping systems that are more than of handling the daily demands of cnc machining. Proven over years, high quality and reasonably priced.

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One question, many answers: that's what makes excellent workholding:

  • Application diversity No matter what workpiece shape or size - LANG workholding has a solution ready for every clamping task. Why we are so convinced of that? Because we design our workholding to be modular and compatible with each other. For us, one thing matters above everything else: that our workholding guarantees you maximum flexibility.
  • Performance Outstanding performance starts with the clamping process. That is why we have designed our workholding in a way that you can rely on ideal accessibility and maximum holding forces. For maximum safety in the machining process - in manual as well as unmanned, automated production. Start manufacturing your perfect components. With the perfect workholding.
  • Quality 100 % "Made in Germany". For you, this means 100% reliability with our workholding. Manufactured using the most modern production methods, only vises and zero point systems leave our company that are made of robust and case-hardened steel without exception. Our goal: to provide you with workholding that is enormously durable, resilient and virtually wear-free.
  • Value-for-money Producing high-quality workholding systems with the promise of maximum performance is one thing. Providing this continuously and with transparent prices is the other. With our workholding technology, you can also trust that all facts are on the table. Because it is important to us that you always know what you are getting with our workholding - fair prices. Today. Tomorrow. Always.

See for yourself which workholding products are in particular demand among our customers.

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Workholding as a complete package

If you want to clamp your workpieces efficiently for milling, LANG Technik is the right choice: We offer you an extensive range of innovative workholding and perfectly matched zero point clamping systems. The powerful combination of both technologies can be used universally in all milling machines. Our unique automation system makes this combination even better and makes optimum use of the strengths of our own workholding - you cannot design your production processes more economically. These three pillars - workholding, zero point clamping and machine tool automation - form the stable foundation for your modern production. Proven over many years, high quality and with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Workholding for every component shape and size

A good workholding system must be able to accomplish one thing in particular: To securely clamp workpieces regardless of their size with the least amount of space required. Our clamping systems do just that. It is the flexibility and user-friendliness that give you added value in your production. And that's regardless of whether you use 5-axis vises, centering vises, collet and jaw chucks or 5-axis vises with top jaws. We at LANG Technik have the right workholding system in every case. You can count on our clamping devices to securely fix any of your workpieces in a time-saving manner.

5-axis vises for 5-axis machining

Anyone who is buying into our 5-Axis Vises today is also buying into compact workholding technology and thus to optimum accessibility in 5-sided machining. Our 5-axis vises can achieve enormous holding forces like hardly any other clamping system. In combination with the stamping technology, they hold the workpiece by form-fit on just 3 mm. Best of all, these centering vise also hold workpieces that are much larger than the 5-axis vise. Secure clamping has never been easier – Makro•Grip®.

Vises for round parts and contours

When things get tough, you can be sure of making the right choice with our contour clamping vises. Here, workpiece clamping of difficult shapes becomes an easy task thanks to top jaws/ contour jaws. Look forward to fast and flexible change-overs with these clamping systems. Plus, you can also rely on maximum holding forces when clamping cylindrical parts: Thanks to several collet chucks for ER 32 and ER 50 collets and a versatile 6-jaw chuck (with exchangeable top jaws), you can confidently handle such processes as well.

Clamping system for large components

Large workpieces and sheet material require large solutions: Thanks to its modular design, the Makro•Grip® Ultra presents itself as a workholding technology solution that leaves nothing to be desired thanks to the wide range of clamping jaw options. Benefit from the fast set-up of the system and make optimal use of quick jaw adjustment and expansion options for your applications up to clamping ranges of 810 mm.

Workholding as the icing on the cake for your milling machine

If you want to get the most out of your machine tool and achieve the maximum savings potential for your CNC machining, LANG Technik is the right partner for you: Our decades of experience in the manufacturing of workholding technology and automation systems and our extensive practical knowledge make us experts in state-of-the-art workholding systems. Because only one thing counts for us: That you are always up to your growing challenges in machining.

  • Efficient clamping.
  • Reducing set-up times.
  • Increasing machine runtimes.

We know how efficient manufacturing works.

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