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5-Axis Vise

Centering vise for 5-axis machining

High holding forces. Ideal accessibility. The 5-Axis Vise from LANG meets the requirements in 5-axis machining of raw parts like no other. The Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vise clamps the workpiece by form-fit, at low clamping pressure and yet with maximum safety.

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Perfectly fitted for automation: Makro•Grip® Night King

5-axis workholding in its purest form - without any extras! The Makro•Grip® Night King excels with its functional design and low price. Benefit from a significant cost reduction in your automation with 5-axis vises and the use of larger quantities. At LANG you get 100% Made in Germany, at fair prices.

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The 5-Axis Vise from LANG Technik

Small, compact and with impressive holding force - these are probably the most important attributes of our 5-Axis Vise. The centering vise is always used in industrial production when raw parts made of materials such as aluminum, steel, titanium or Inconel are to be reliably fixed by means of a clamping jaw serration. But smooth clamping is also possible with the 5-axis vise, which can hold components centrically on a clamping depth of only 3 mm. With its clamping jaws milled from solid material and its case-hardened base body, the 5-Axis Vise also masters the particularly demanding tasks in 5-sided machining.

The machine vise is mounted directly on the machine table or on NC rotary tables using a zero point clamping system. However, it can also be mounted on tombstones, clamping bridges or pallets. There, the wear-free centering vise hold the components without distortion by form-fit and with low clamping pressure.

Equipped with compatible clamping jaws for a wide variety of designs, the centering vise can also clamp cylindrical or irregularly shaped components. The necessary changeover from serrated to other clamping jaws can be carried out within a few seconds with this centering vise, thus ensuring flexibility in the process and high performance at the same time.   

Due to its compact design, the use of short tools is possible. The effect: low-vibration milling processes and a significantly increased tool life. Higher cutting and feed rates also result in shorter production times and a reduction in production costs. Another positive consequence of the low vibrations: first-class component and surface quality.

Thanks to its clean design, the 5-Axis Vise presents itself to the user not only with very good accessibility from all sides. Another important aspect is that the centering vise can also hold workpieces which are clamped upright and fix them on the shortest side surfaces thanks to its high holding forces: In machining production, this is a significant plus in efficiency, as changeover processes can be eliminated. 

And not only that: The solid 5-Axis Vise also shows itself to be enormously flexible, as the vise can be used universally in all milling machines. From 3-axis machines to 5-axis machines to rotary tables - the vise is available with jaw widths of 46 / 77 / 125 mm and a maximum clamping range of 355 mm. For anything larger, two or more of the 5-Axis Vises can be combined easily. 

All this makes the 5-Axis Vise "Made in Germany" the perfect machine vise for 5-axis machining and thus the model for a large number of other vises whose manufacturers are inspired by its function and design.

Examples of machine tools on which the LANG 5-Axis Vise are often used: Hermle, DMG Mori, Grob, Matsuura, Mazak, Haas, Makino, and many others.

Clamping quality by pre-stamping: This is how it gets even better

Our 5-axis workholding in action

6 good reasons for the 5-Axis Vise from LANG Technik

Ideal accessibility in 5-sided machining

Highest holding forces at low clamping pressure

Distortion-free and wear-free clamping

High material savings due to minimal clamping edge requirements

Process reliability and consistent clamping quality

Ergonomic handling thanks to low weight vises

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