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Hydro•Sup, Hydraulic Screw Jack for support height 85 - 89 mm Item No. 81586

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73271 Holzmaden, Germany

Key data at a glance

The hydraulic screw jack Hydro•Sup serves to reduce possible vibrations in the machining process of protruding components. With a height of 86 mm, it matches the lowest system height of Makro•Grip® Ultra base body height. Due to its pendulum support, it offers a support height between 85 and 89 mm. By using additional spacers, the total height of the M and L systems can be replicated.

For support height
85 - 89 mm (3.35" - 3.5")
Packaging Unit
1 Stück
2.84 kg (6.26 lbs)
Scope of delivery:

Hydro•Sup Screw Jack

The hydraulic screw jack Hydro•Sup can be clamped with its clamping stud in the zero-point system as a support when clamping protruding workpieces. The screw jack helps to reduce possible vibrations during the machining process, especially of thin sheet material, which results in a higher surface quality of the manufactured parts.
  • Quality of manufactured parts As a support Hydro•Sup reduces possible vibrations during the machining process.
  • Modularity By the addition of two different spacers which can be mounted to the screw jack, all Makro•Grip® Ultra system heights can be copied.
  • Application diversity Not only applicable for Makro•Grip® Ultra, but also for Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vises 125 when clamping protruding workpieces.

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