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Pre-stamping & clamping - Makro•Grip® and Makro•Grip® FS

Combination options for existing and new series

The well-known Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vise will have a partner at its side from 2024 - the successor version Makro•Grip® FS. Both vise series will be offered in parallel in the future.

The new Makro•Grip® FS is characterized by a continuous holding serration (full serration) on its clamping jaws. In contrast to the familiar Makro•Grip® vise, the tooth-to-tooth distance is 3 mm instead of the previous 6 mm. Due to the higher number of holding teeth, higher holding forces can be achieved with the same clamping parameters, which is particularly advantageous in extreme applications (very narrow or very wide workpieces). Makro•Grip® FS stamping units will also be sold from spring 2024 to match the new full serration. (Read the press release: LANG presents revised stamping unit and new 5-Axis Vise series)

Except for the holding serration, nothing has changed on the 5-Axis Vise. The new 5-Axis Vises of the FS series are available in all previously known sizes and versions. Customers who already use the Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vise in production and rely on pre-stamping can continue to use it with the new stamping unit. Pre-stamped blanks with a continuous contour can easily be held in the previous holding serration of the 5-Axis Vise with a form fit - even with even higher holding forces than before. What applies to the 5-Axis Vises in terms of compatibility also applies to the stamping unit. A conversion/conversion set (Item No. 51260-20) is available for customers who opt for the new FS vises but already work with an stamping unti in their company. This enables the use of new stamping jaws on existing stamping units.

In brief summary:

  • The two 5-Axis Vise series Makro•Grip® and Makro•Grip® FS are guided in parallel.
  • Existing Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vises will therefore continue to be available
  • Stamping units will only be sold as a Makro•Grip® FS version from summer 2024.
  • Existing Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vises are compatible with the new Makro•Grip® FS stamping unit.
  • A conversion kit is available for previous stamping untis, which can be used to fit new Makro•Grip® FS stamping jaws.


Illustration of the possible combinations

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