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Makro•Grip®, Stamping Trolley extended stamping unit, on t-slot plate, with High-End stamping jaws Item No. 41400-HE

with High-End stamping jaws
with standard stamping jaws with High-End stamping jaws

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LANG Technik GmbH
Albstraße 1-6
73271 Holzmaden, Germany

Key data at a glance

With the mobile stamping unit trolley, you decide where you want to stamp your raw material and are thus flexible as far as the place of use is concerned. This stamping unit trolley is equipped with a slot plate on which an extended stamping unit body with a stamping width of up to 355 mm and High-End stamping jaws with a material hardness of up to 45 HRC is mounted. Via the plate slots, the system body can either be moved freely or offset in a defined way via marking holes. Retrofitting an additional stamping unit trolley for dual-stamping is also possible.

T-Slot plate
Stamping units
Max. stamping width
355 mm (13.98")
Max. stamping pressure
360 bar
For materials
up to 45 HRC
Packaging Unit
1 Set
310 kg (683.43 lbs)

Makro•Grip® Stamping Technology and Raw Part Clamping

The Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vise and its unique benefits of the stamping technology has been considered „The Original“ and a benchmark in the 5-face machining of raw parts for years. Its compact design and high holding forces make the Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vise the ideal clamping device for machining raw parts.

  • Holding force Thanks to the form-fit clamping principle, highest holding forces can be achieved with Makro•Grip®, even at low clamping pressure.
  • Process reliability Clamping with Makro•Grip® provides maximum process reliability and is easy on the workpiece to be processes at the same time.
  • Accessibility The compact Makro•Grip® self-centering vises guarantee ideal accessibility in the 5-axis machining of raw parts.

Learn all about the benefits and functionality of ourMakro•Grip® Raw Part Clamping and Stamping Technology.

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Hydraulic Oil HLP 32
Extrusion Oil

Makro•Grip® Raw Part Clamping and Stamping Technology

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Clamping parts by form-fit – For years the Makro•Grip® technology has been the benchmark in the 5-axis machining of raw material.

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Makro•Grip® Raw Part Clamping and Stamping Technology

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