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Which factors are really important in the production process? How can resources such as personnel, machines and equipment be used most effectively? In our blog, we regularly address topics that our customers and we deal with on a daily basis. We address problems related to automation, setup time optimization and simplification of manufacturing processes. In our blogs, we provide you with assistance and food for thought on various questions and decisions that need to be made in the area of manufacturing technology.

Equipping your machine: make it easy for yourself

Zero Point Clamping System — 11.04.2024
There are many quick-clamping systems. That's good, because every machinist's day-to-day work is different. What they all have in common is that every job starts with the clamping process with the aid of clamping systems or clamping devices. This is followed by the machining process via turning, milling, grinding or a hybrid combination of these tasks.
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Setup time optimization: How to make automated milling processes more effective

General — 02.10.2023
In industrial manufacturing, nothing works without milling processes - whether with low or high quantities. This is precisely why no stone is left unturned in the automotive industry, medical technology or machine tool manufacturing to increase productivity. Reducing setup times is just one of many tasks. Reason enough for us at LANG Technik, as automation specialists, to dedicate ourselves a little more intensively to the topic of setup time optimization. Our focus: Reducing setup times as easily as possible via clever technologies. The best example for such a technology from our company: RoboTrex. With this automation system, we address the shortest possible non-productive times and, thanks to its simplicity, also significantly prevent downtimes.
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Instagram Q & A #1 - we answer your questions!

General — 01.09.2023
This time our video blog comes in a slightly different format. On Instagram we asked our followers to send us their questions. From a large number of messages, we chose 10 questions, which we answer today.
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Increased productivity in manufacturing through setup time optimization

General — 14.08.2023
The optimization of setup times is one of the most important parameters for maximizing productivity in a machine shop and increasing its profitability. In probably every manufacturing environment, there is hidden potential that can be exploited through targeted measures. In our blog in the coming weeks, we will present specific product solutions that focus precisely on the topic of setup time reduction. In doing so, we will describe in detail how these solutions help to save time and costs and thus ensure efficient production.
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Plain and simple: What is a zero point clamping system?

Zero Point Clamping System — 11.05.2023
Zero point clamping systems for CNC machines are on everyone's lips and have become indispensable in modern manufacturing processes. But what exactly is a zero point clamping system and what types are available? Our Wiki section explains this and gives you an understanding of what characterizes the zero point clamping system from LANG Technik in particular.
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Plain and simple: What is a centering vise?

Workholding — 30.03.2023
Our "Wiki" column deals with terms and definitions relating to LANG Technik products and their areas of application. Today explained in a simple way: The centering vise. How can it be described, where is it used and what types of centering vises does LANG Technik offer in its product range.
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