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Makro•Grip® Ultra, Wrench for external hexagon, wrench size 19 mm Item No. 45519

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LANG Technik GmbH
Albstraße 1-6
73271 Holzmaden, Germany

Key data at a glance

The wrench with external hexagon and a size of 19 mm can be used for the initial clamping setting in the Makro•Grip® Ultra system. This wrench is already included in the scope of delivery of the Makro•Grip® Ultra base sets. However, the final clamping of the workpieces should be done with a torque wrench.

Wrench size
SW 19
Type of hexagonal wrench
External hexagon
Packaging Unit
1 Piece
0.44 kg (0.97 lbs)
Scope of delivery:

Makro•Grip® Ultra

Makro•Grip® Ultra offers countless clamping possibilities and is perfectly fitted for machining applications of flat or large parts and also mould making. Thanks to its expandability and different jaw types, the modular clamping system practically covers any imaginable machining application.

  • Modularity Changeover of clamping configuration within seconds through expansion of clamping ranges and exchange of clamping jaws
  • Application diversity Equally applicable for single part or multiple clamping, cubic, round our asymmetric workpieces
  • Centric clamping of large components Possibility of clamping workpieces of 800 mm or even larger

Learn all about the benefits and functionality of Makro•Grip® Ultra.

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Makro•Grip® Ultra

Discover now:

The modular workholding system Makro•Grip® Ultra is characterized by an enormous application variety and is ideally suited for clamping plates and large parts.

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Makro•Grip® Ultra

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