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New, modular series with simultaneous clamping of multiple zero-point plates


A new type of plate within the Quick•Point® system now makes zero-point clamping even easier. With the expandable modular plates, which can be flexibly adapted to any machine table, users operate up to five clamping units in succession mechanically with just one tightening screw. This is due to a new patented clamping mechanism within the modular plates, which ensures even higher pull-down forces and activates the complete zero-point set-up at the same time.

This has nothing but advantages for the operation of the zero-point clamping system. Thus, moduar plates lined up in a row can always be conveniently operated from the front or from the side. The installation of the modular plates on the machine table also offers great time-saving potential, since the zero-point plates are connected to each other via precisely fitting connecting pieces, making additional alignment of the zero-point plates to each other unnecessary.

Modular plates provide an excellent basis for setting up workholding and clamping systems that are clamped across multiple zero-point units, such as large component and plate clamping with Makro•Grip® Ultra.

The new Quick•Point® modular plates with 96 mm zero-point grid are available in two versions: As a single plate and as a double plate. The maximum length connection consists of two double and one single plate that can be clamped together at the same time.

The most important facts again at a glance:

  • Mechanical clamping of several plates with only one tightening screw
  • Can be combined in y-direction up to 960 mm length (5 clamping units)
  • Flexibly adaptable to any machine table
  • Pull-down forces of up to 12,000 N
  • No additional alignment of several plates to each other


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