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Frequently asked questions
about our automation systems

What are the technical requirements for RoboTrex? How is HAUBEX programmed? In this overview we share our wealth of experience and list frequently asked questions from our customers about automation. With the FAQ we want to help you to quickly and easily obtain the information you need about our automation systems and the chip fan. This FAQ section is also intended to live and grow. If you have a question yourself that is still unanswered, please feel free to use the contact form at the bottom of the page. Our support will take care of it and include your question in the FAQ if it is asked more often.

RoboTrex Automation System

What components does RoboTrex consist of?

RoboTrex consists of a Fanuc industrial robot and trolleys that serve as storage media for LANG centering vices. The vises are inserted into the milling machine by means of a gripper and clamped in pneumatically actuated LANG zero point systems.

What technical requirements does my machine tool need for RoboTrex?

In the simplest case, a free M-function is sufficient for interlinking with the automation system.

Which machine tools can be retrofitted with RoboTrex?

Just about any milling machine where the robot can get onto the machine table can be automated with RoboTrex.

How long does it take to install RoboTrex Automation?

Three to five days including operator training.

Do I need robotics knowledge to operate the RoboTrex automation system?ssystems?

No, the operation of the system is kept so simple that even unskilled workers can operate the automation.

How many vises fit on one automation trolley?

Depending on the size, up to 42 vses. With four trolleys in use, this means a capacity of 168 vises.

Which clamping devices are suitable for use in RoboTrex Automation?

All LANG clamping devices that have a recess for the gripper in the base body.

What part sizes can RoboTrex automate?

Depending on the trolley design, up to approx. 200 x 150 x 150 mm, sometimes also wider and higher with correspondingly less capacity.

Is it also possible to automate wider workpieces?

Yes, it is possible to store workpieces up to max. 400 mm on the trolley. 

Is there also a solution for single-part production?

Yes, with the UniTrex software option, a job manager is used to automate individual parts. In addition, on the machine side, there is the option of using a measuring probe to record the part size and call up the corresponding NC programs.

Do I need a pallet for the automation fixture?

No, an additional pallet is not needed with RoboTrex. The vises already have an integrated gripper interface for the Fanuc CNC robot.

How is the zero point clamping system operated in automated production?

The zero point system is actuated pneumatically. The special feature here is that actuation takes place via the gripper. Consequently, the machine does not need to have a media interface.

How is the RoboTrex automation system delivered?

The RoboTrex automation system is delivered in its individual parts (pre-programmed robot, enclosure, etc.) in a large wooden crate delivered by truck. The wooden crate has an approximate size of 2300 x 2100 x 2550 mm and weighs about 2 tons. Please ensure that a suitable forklift is available for unloading from the truck.


What preparations must be made for commissioning?

A compressed air connection and a fixed power supply are required. Please ask your LANG Technik contact in your country for the exact data. The zero point clamping system must be aligned and fixed on the machine tool before the RoboTrex automation system can be commissioned.

HAUBEX Automation System

What is HAUBEX?

HAUBEX is a simple automation system that uses the tool magazine of the machine tool as storage for workpieces and the spindle as transfer medium.

How do I program HAUBEX?

Via the normal PLC of the cnc machine tool. The movement of the main spindle is used to position and rotationally clamp the vise in the zero point clamping system.

Which tool holders are available for HAUBEX?

As standard HSK-63A, BT-40, SK-40 and CAT-40. Other variants on request.

What are the limitations of HAUBEX?

Due to the bell shape of the workholding hood, the maximum workpiece size is limited to approx. 80 x 80 x 80 mm. Furthermore, the hood with Ø 160 mm and a length of approx. 250 mm must fit into the tool magazine.

Clean•Tec Chip Fan

In which tool holders can the Clean•Tec chip fan be clamped?

The Clean•Tec cleaning propeller can be clamped in all commercially available holders with Ø 20 mm, except for shrink holders.

When do the blades of the chip fan need to be changed?

As soon as parts of the blades are broken off, or the wings generally show strong signs of wear.

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