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A modular system for special clamping tasks

Clamping technology for large and round parts

Once you have decided for a workholding manufacturer, you usually stay with the same supplier for compatibility reasons. With its new products, Lang Technik provides further arguments - for the first time, solutions have been found for difficult clamping situations.
(by Martin Ricchiuti, Carl Hanser Verlag)

Following the developments on the market of clamping technology, improvements are also constantly being sought in this area and new areas of application are being opened. Lang Technik, Holzmaden, has already demonstrated how practical requirements can be translated into market-driven solutions. Examples worth mentioning are the Clean-Tec chip fan or the introduction of the stamping technology for form-fitting to achieve best holding forces. In Holzmaden, the shortcomings of current clamping solutions are consistently tracked down in order to realise milling operations efficiently in five axis and, if possible, in one clamping.

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Bericht aus WB Werkstatt + Betrieb 6/2021

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