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New micro vise with matching zero point system

Zero point and workpiece clamping in confined space

"Small but mighty" has rarely been more fitting. The new Makro•Grip® 46 micro is a real space-saver - perfectly suited for multiple clamping of small components in confined spaces. Matching: The new Quick•Point® 52 duo series. What's special about it? A compact vise base body with only 2 clamping studs, which makes it possible to clamp even two 5-Axis Vises side by side in just one zero point plate. For the product launch, customers can choose between two different zero point plates. A version matching the two mounting bolts of the small vises and a plate with six zero point mounting holes, which can be used in three configurations:

  • one Makro•Grip® 46 micro centered,
  • two Makro•Grip® 46 micro side by side, or
  • one regular Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vise (46 or 77) with four clamping studs

In addition, the duo series offers an adapter plate for the Quick•Point® 52 system, providing complete continuity and compatibility from the largest to the smallest zero point system. The Makro•Grip® micro with jaw width 46 mm is able to hold workpieces up to clamping range 65 mm, which makes one clearly at home in the small component area. Especially companies from the fields of medical or precision engineering should find pleasure in the new micro vises.


Ideal for the automation of small parts

LANG wouldn't be LANG if it didn't immediately think about automated manufacturing when developing the micro vise. At the end of the year, LANG will introduce a new automation solution with these very same 5-Axis Vises, which will require even less floor space compared to the well-known RoboTrex automation system, but will shine with an incredible storage capacity of the micro vises. The new system will be conceptually similar to the RoboTrex (industrial robot, compact storage), but even better tailored to the requirements of small parts production.

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